Rags of all kinds

ENGINEERS COTTONLight & discoloured cottonThe product for general & quick cleaning
COLOURED T-SHIRTClean coloured T-shirtIdeal for all cleaning & polishing in printing shops, panel beaters, motorcycle repairers, general automotive servicing & all general cleaning requirements.
COTTON FLEECYCotton & fleecy materialsBest for heavy duty cleaning in maintenance areas, trucks, trucking companies & engineering workshops.
COTTON MIXA mixture of various quality cottons combined with a quantity of denimFor use in areas of heavy fluid spills which may have roughage in the spill, so ideal for workshop floors
COTTONGeneral cotton sheeting in multi-coloursIdeally suited to manufacturing areas, workshops, electrical departments and general engineering needs
FLANNELETTEQuality flanneletteA very popular product extensively used in the fibreglass manufacturing and service industries, panel beating and paint shops
FLEECYConsisting of fleecy jumpers and tracksuit tops & bottoms Generally used in automotive mechanical repair shops for large oil & fluid spills.
GREEN HOSPITAL COTTONSourced from hospital sheeting and gowns, cleaned prior to cuttingIdeally suited to auto transmission, gear box, brake servicing, electrical and engineering workshops
TOWELA mixture of different towelling productsExtensively used by cleaners for all cleaning of fine surfaces but also suitable for soaking up heavy spillages
INTERLOCKA cotton/polyester Polo shirt mixUsed by panel beaters & mechanics for wiping down dirty, greasy motors and for gearing and hydraulic soiling
RIBConsisting of hospital thermal blanketsIdeal for general dust and heavy duty wiping and cleaning for glaziers and tilers
WHITE TOWELWhite towelsExtensively used by cleaners for all cleaning of fine surfaces.
WHITE COTTONSuperior quality white cottonFor all delicate lint-free cleaning requirements. Note: This product is in constant demand but difficult to source regularly. Forward purchase planning is essential to ensure supply.
WHITE T-SHIRTQuality white T-shirtFirst choice product for panel beaters, spray painters, printers and the marine service industry
CUSTOMER SPECIALSAs orderedCleaning & wiping cloths cut to client requirements and subject to minimum purchase commitments